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Kenneth H. Goodsell, my hero, my dad. 


A young teenager as WW2 rocked the world,  Ken volunteered as a Marine and was soon off to the war in the Pacific as a fighter pilot.  From Guam to Saipan and finally to the Ryukyu Islands he fought countless aerial missions off the aircraft carriers below.  The President of the United States presented him the Distinguished Flying Cross in 1945 for "heroism and extraordinary flight when performing operations".  Never quitting, he went on and also battled in his Corsair during the Korean War.


A humble man and great father of eight, he never spoke about the atrocities of war or even his accomplishments.  It was only after his death, did I realize what a heroic life he led to be just a part of the freedom that we all  enjoy today.  It is hard to believe how much emotion and anquish must have been packed in that loving body for so many years as his success never ceased after coming back home to a rebuilding America. 


God bless you Kenny and all of our are in our hearts forever.


Your son,


Nelson Goodsell


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San Diego, CA 1988


RATE/Rank - Captain

Service Branch

USNR 6/1965 - 11/1990

Born - 6/19/1943

Danbury, CT

             Kenneth Richard Goodsell                                                                               

Significant Duty Stations

HS - 8


HSL - 84


Significant Awards

Air Medal (2)

Navy Commendation Medal (2)

Meritorious Union Commendation (2)

Vietnam Service Medal

Vietnam Campaign Medal (3)



Nominated by Heather Campbell


Stephen Seal is Honoring

the United States Coast Guard










Comprised of nearly 42,000 extrodinary men and women, the United States Coast Guard is a unique branch of the military responsible for saving lives, protecting the environment,and defending America's coastlines and waterways.


All of this is done through 11 offical missions, which include Port and Water Way Security, Drug Interdiction, Aides to Navigation, Search and Rescue, Living Marine Resources, Marine Safety, Defense Readiness, Migrant Interdiction, Marine Environmental Protection, Ice Operations and Law Enforcement.


Borne on June 28, 1935 in Los Angeles, CA the family moved to Santa Barbara, CA shortly thereafter.


After graduating high school, Ed enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and proudly served our County in the Koreann War.  Ed earned his Bachler's degree in Engineering and a Master's degree in Psychology.  He spent his entire career in the Aerospace Industry and retired as President of Sunbank, in Paso Robles, CA befoer moving to the Santa Ynez Valley.


I first met Ed at Sunbank when I joined the company in 1991.  Ed was the   most amazing man, leader, mentor and friend.  Ed has this innate ability to bring out the best in people, and the  ability to allow people to shine through his mentorship, and help people grow both professionally and personally.  His personality was one of perfect ballance;   combining discipline, business sense, and a "can-do" attitude, all wrapped around the biggest heart anyone could ever imagine.  Once you got past the Marine D.I. in him, you realized just how special this man was.  We worked hard together, and played hard together too.

I am so grateful and honored to have known Ed, and to have worked for him, as he has forever shaped me, both personally and professionally.  And I know for a fact that I am not the only one who feels this way.


Honored by Dobie Steikunas

Paul "Ed" Prutzman

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A donation challenge has been issued by Nelson and Kathy Goodsell.  Kathy and Nelson would like to honor Kenneth H. Goodsell with an annual donation to Salmon for Soldiers.  They are challening others to honor someone they love, who has served or is serving in a branch of the US military, by pledging to donate annually to Salmon for Soldiers.  Deterine your own level of giving then to to our contact page and email us your contact information and let us know who you would like to honor.  We will provide you with guidelines for sharing information and photos for your honoree.

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