As a 501c3 we depend heavily on volunteers and sponsors to off-set costs,

make our one-off guided fishing trips available throughout the year

and to make our annual "Day of Honor" a huge success.  

The following companies and individuals have made Salmon for Soldiers a successful.

Corporate Sponsors

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Dwayne Lane's Logo.png
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LOGO1 Murphy's.png

Proud Business Sponsors

  • Fleet Services

  • Gooses NNW Metal Art

  • Price Ford

  • Batson enterprises

  • Double DD Meats

  • Griffin Maclean Insurance

  • NW Plus Credit Union

  • Progressive Insurance

  • RMEF

  • Tracy's Insulation

  • TW Metals

  • Edward Jones

  • FHSC

  • Salmon University

  • Steelhead University

  • North Mason Lions Club

  • John's Sporting Goods - Everett

  • South King County Puget Sound Anglers

  • NW Yacht Brokers Association                    

  • Beta Zeta Master/Beta Sima Phi 

  • Hood Canal Communications

  • Screamin' Reels Sportfishing

  • Orvis

  • Heavy Shot

  • Niagra Bottling

  • Johnny's Fine Foods Tacoma

  • High Tides Seafoods - Port Angeles

  • John Miller - State Farm Insurance - Port Angeles

  • Swains General Store - Port Angeles

  • Johns Sport Service

  • Bill Hermann - Hermann Brothers Logging and Construction - Port Angeles

  • Matthew Trucking - Port Angeles

  • Liberty Orchard Co. Inc.

  • Pete Wahlman

  • Saints Car Club

  • Renton Chapter of Puget Sound Anglers

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Proud Individual Sponsors

  • James and Connie Charton

  • Hood Canal Lions

  • Troy Saharic

  • Nelson and Kathy Goodsell         

  • Bryan Monsaas/Cornelia Faust

  • Dobie Steikunas  

  • John and Margaret Endsley

  • Robert White

  • Wayne and Dusty Blair

  • Thomas& Michele Stucker

  • Beta Sigma Phi Master Charter             Stephen Seal

  • Dainara Burford

  • Mary Ann Kelso                                      

  • Mount Vernon/Skagit Rotary             

  • Roy Wyland

  • Anthony Warren                                    

  • Roche Harbor Resort & Marina         

  • Jill M. Marilley                                         

  • Walmart                                                           Gooses' NNW Metal Art

  • Frank Pray                                              

  • Clyde Franklin                                                  Wayne and Susi Laabs

  • Donna Taylor                                        

  • Clive Coverdale                                      

  • Rick Godwin

  • Miguel Cantu                                        

  • Fidelity Charitable                            

  • Bill & Kren Bryant 

  • Frank & Ann Reed                                  

  • Jack and Elaine Gaudette                             Mukilteo Brewing Company LLC

  • Kurt Komarnitsky                              

  • North Mason Lions Club

  • Sean Derek

  • Steve Bivins                                            

  • Michael Mullins                                               North Mason Lions Club

  • US Submarine Veterans      

  • Sheri Buretta

  • Christian Clewell                                    

  • Lisa Coale           

  • Dave and Angela Miller

  • Jess McCollum                                        

  • Cheryl Tong

  • Michael Scott Allen

Tito's Handmade Vodka Gives Again!

A big thank you to Tito's for donating hand sanitizer to Salmon for Soldiers so that we can continue to support our Veteran and Boater participants.   Thank you for helping to keep our Veteran community safe.

Tito's Hand Sanitizer.png