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Salmon for Soldiers Fishing Events


Aaron Boyle Truck Signing
event 4
The event
Stage and boat
set up
set up 3
mike Jennings
John Keiser
Gold Star 2021
Check In
Boat Giveaway 3 (2) cropped
Lady kissing fish
Morning crowd_edited
Banner over Boats
Boat Winner
Raffle and Boat
Trip to Alaska Winner
Lorance Winner
Presentation of Art Work
Metal Fish Winner
Wooden Flag Give-away
Wooden Flag winner
Introduction of Hunter Blanchard
Presentation of the Rod
Jeff Audet & Hunter
Randy Shelton Kicking Off the Program
Hunter Looking at Lure
The Food Line
Waiting for the Prizes
Raffle Table
Introduction of the Board
SFS Logo
Weight In Tents
Weight In 3
Line Up at Weigh In
Ice Chest with fish
Great Catch
Family Catch
Bagging the Catch
Another Great Catch
Wooden Flag Give-away
Wooden Flag winner
T-Shirt Sponsors
Ladies in Alaska
Lela's catch
2nd days catch
8.25.17 Seahawks Game
Big Screen
Hawks Game
Josh Medford Jan 2017 Hoh River Darrell Johnson Far Corners Sport Fishing Photo #2
4.3.17 Derek Anderson 2
Westport Offshore Northwest June 2017
Offshore Northwest June #4 (2)
Westport halibut June 2017
Neah Bay 3
Group photo
Lela Perkins
4.3.17 Derek Anderson 2
A Birdie because of Jenn
Neah Bay 1
Woody Woods
black Mouth 2
Black Mouth Fishing 2016
Boat 17.jpg
Tuna Fishing.jpg
Boat 12.jpg
Fish in the boat 4.jpg
Flying the Flags.jpg
Nelson boat flags 2.jpg
Michael the Lunch man (2).jpg
Boat 14.jpg
Boat 15.jpg
fish in the boat 7.jpg
Tuna Fishing.jpg
Allen fish in the boat.jpg
aaron boyle 2.jpg
Boat full.jpg
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