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Our Mission...

“The Mission of Salmon for Soldiers is to offer a sense of normalcy and relaxation to our nation's Veterans through fishing.  Salmon for Soldiers' fishing opportunities are designed to help reduce stress while creating new relationships with others who love fishing.  Our events are designed to accommodate Veterans with paralysis, PTSD, TBI and other debilitating challenges."

Please Give to Salmon for Soldiers!

We are so grateful for each donation.  Your donations allow us to continue serving our veteran community by simply giving them a day of relaxation and relationship building on the water.  Thanks to folks like  you we are now 10 years old and growing.  Our all volunteer crew continues to find and support fishing adventures through the generous help of donors.  Over the past two years, with your help over 1200 veterans have gone fishing at no cost to them.   Please help us send more veterans fishing.

Video provided by the Veranth Family 2022

2023 is going to be fun!

Salmon for Soldiers has extended his outreach by adding four new volunteer outreach coordinators:  If you are interested in fishing with any of our Outreach Coordinators, go to the contact page and send us an email.

Women Veteran Outreach Coordinator: Amy McNealy 
Amy is focusing her attention of the ladies who  have served our country.   Amy has lots of experience with women's fishing groups.

Southwest Outreach Coordinator:  John Kaiser
John joined Salmon for Soldiers late in 2021.  John is heading up our outreach efforts in southwest Washington.

Ladies Alaska.jpg
John Kaiser.jpg

Northwest Washington Outreach Coordinator: Mark Ostroot

Mark is heading up fishing events in northwest Washington and has already hosted his first annual event in Sekiu in 2021.

Mark Ostroot.jpg

Brothers In Arms Motor Cycle Club

Brothers in Arms.jpg

On Saturday, July 10th, 2022 The Brothers In Arms Motor Cycle Club joined forces to conclude their fundraising drive for Salmon For Soldiers.  Together they raised over $5000.  A special thank you goes out to One Day, Bone Saw, Pipes and Buckles for their leadership on this cause.

Salmon for Soldiers is Now a Proud Member of NAVSO

Salmon for Soldiers

41 E Rhododendron Ln.

Union, WA 98592

Randy Shelton -

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